• Chinese language is spoken in China, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and South Africa.

  • Chineseis spoken by 1.2 billionpeople.

  • Chinese is the most spoken language around the world.

  • Over one billion people speak some kind of Chinese dialect as their native language.

  • Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken Chinese dialect, the dialect with the greatest number of native speakers and the most spoken dialect in the globe.

  • Chinese dialects are sometimes referred as different languages on their own for how unintelligible they can be between each other.

  • Around 95% of Chinese characters show a heavy phonological basis over the iconographic ones, and all Chinese dialects are phonetically different.

  • One fifth of the world population speaks some form of Chinese language as its native language.

  • Chineseis the language with the most native speakers in the world.

  • Mandarin Chinese language is the official language of:

    • The People's Republic of China

    • The Republic of China

    • Singapore

    • The United Nations

  • Chinese is one of the oldest written languages still existent along Greek, and some researchers consider it the oldest of the two.

  • The most prominent Chinese languages or dialects are:

    • Mandarin,spoken by over 850 million people

    • Wu Xiang, spoken by over 90 million people

    • Cantonese,spoken by over 73 million people

    • Min, spoken by over50 million people

    • Hakka, spoken by 34 million people

    • Gan, spoken by 31 million people

  • The most spoken variety of language is Mandarin, also known as Guoyu or Putonghua.

  • Grammatically speaking, Chinese language has one of the easiest structures, since verbs and nouns are not altered by time, gender or number.

  • The Chinese writing system has over 40,000 characters, over a thousand times more than average languages.

  • 51% of the people interested in learning a language is interested in learning Chinese.

  • Chinese is the seventh most studied foreign language in the United States.

  • The most used language over the internet is one of Chinese dialects, Mandarin Chinese.

Starting a career in China

Entry level profiles often think of resumes as an opportunity to list their lifetime achievements. However, the cold reality is many of your life accomplishments and experiences will not be relevant to a job position in China. It's better to list less information in your entry level resume and showcase the most relevant skills to the advertised position.

Useful Chinese words and phrases for an entry level job hunters:
简历 jiǎnlì Resume
个人信息 gèrén xìnxī Personal information
工作经历 gōngzuò jīnglì Working experience
教育背景 jiāoyù bèijǐng Education
证书 zhèngshū Certificate
获奖情况 huòjiǎng qíngkuàng Awards
特长爱好 tècháng àihào Specialty and hobbies
推荐信 tuījiàn xìn Reference letter

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