Recently, to speak a foreign language has become a must, and it was settled as an obligatory requisite to obtain a job position, that's why many companies don't explain this requirement explicitly as it's implied.

How to write your resume

Working as a Translator So if you are applying for a job position you must have at least basic knowledge of a foreign language, even more if this is explained in the job offer; candidates have to take into account that it's better to do their resume writing including this basic requirement, otherwise hiring managers lose their time reviewing non professional resumes.

According to statistics, in 2010, 27% of jobs offers had foreign language proficiency as requirement, and 74% of them required that candidates speak English language specifically, followed by a French language requirement of 6.84%, and German 6.55%.

In England for example, all players who participate in the Premier League, have the obligation to master English as well as in Spain, France, Germany and Italy, as this allows a better relationship between the amateur athletes and the media.

To learn a foreign language does not only mean to learn English but also French and Chinese Mandarin, which has captured the attention of people, this language is also studied by thousands, including businessmen.

The opportunity to find excellent jobs

The importance of knowing a language results in all types of educational job offers. Many elementary and primary schools offer bilingual education, it is important that parents of the children be aware of the methods used in the classrooms and the real progress of their children. Bad language teaching in early childhood can cause future problems.

Furthermore, learning a language gives you the opportunity to find excellent jobs. With knowledge in any other language you can work as a translator, a language teacher and in the travel industry as a tourist guide, among other professions. For example, many young people from all over the world decide to work in cruise travel, where young people from different places can work in the field of photography, public relations or communications.

The importance of resume builder tools

Also, if you want to work on a cruise, it is important to investigate all information available about the cruise lines. Search the web and the library because the day of the job interview, you will be asked about the company. It is important to prepare an impressive resume to help you show your skills and experience. Do not forget to check your resume and avoid spelling mistakes.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to mention any politics or religious preferences in the resume samples, but it's important to add some references in your resume, place from one to three names; some employers use to call places where you worked before. Remember, during the job interview, you must be yourself and show interviewers that you're a self-confident and professional person.

If you are interested in the area of tourism, you can get information on job opportunities in travel employment agencies which will help you get the ideal job. There are many touristic places in Latin America so you can work giving some translation service if you know how to speak this language.

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