Although Chinese Mandarin is considered as one of the most complicated languages in the planet, western people can acquire a good command of this language by taking a Mandarin language course in any Chinese language school. Shanghai, as one of the most important cities in China, has plenty of facilities for international students and efficient language schools across the city. For instance, the New Concept Mandarin language school, The Mandarin Chinese Training Institute, Mandarin Rocks and the Language Travel company language schools are some important centers in Shanghai that nowadays provide excellent courses for foreigners.

About the city

China is quite recognized in the world because of its growing economic development. There are several cities in the country that show the greatness, modernity and stable economic situation of this Asian country. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are some of the most principal cities in the country that foreigners can visit to enjoy the Chinese culture accurately. In fact, Shanghai (上海) is one of the largest cities in China because of its massive population.

Visitors can find amazing features in the city; as an example we can mention the historic shikumen (石库门). The shikumen are basically big and beautiful houses that have a spectacular combination of the western and the eastern culture. These houses have an amazing European architectonical style with Chinese elements.

Shanghai is considered a leading international town because each year the city receives thousands of foreign visitors who visit the city in order to make business deals, to do some tourism or to learn Chinese mandarin language in excellent Chinese language schools. In addition, during the last year the city has become an important center in fashion, technology, culture and finance in China.

Science and Technology Museum, Shangai Lu Pu Bridge, Shangai

The city is strategically located near the Yangtze River Delta that is situated in the eastern part of the country. During the 18th century, the principal businesses of the city were the fishing and textile industries. However, in the 19th century the city changed drastically. In 1930, the city became an important trade center in China.

The city includes amazing landmarks to know, spectacular sites to visit and interesting activities to do. Travelers can visit the city God Temple, take a tour in the Shanghai Maglev Train, learn some culture in the Shanghai Museum, try a green massage and visit the famous Yuyuan Garden, just to mention a few.

Why learn Chinese in Shanghai?

Shanghai is considered as the best place to study Mandarin Chinese because of its amazing language schools. In addition, the city has spectacular places to visit and activities to do for foreign students. These students can enjoy visiting Shanghai while they are taking language courses. There are language schools located in the city center. We are talking about the Mandarin House Shanghai Chinese School and The Mandarin Language Training Institute. In fact, the majority of the language schools are not far away from Shanghai's downtown. In addition, the city offers plenty of facilities for foreign students during the entire year.

What we like about Shanghai

Shanghai is pretty convenient to take a Mandarin Chinese language course of because the city has a large number of school facilities for foreigners.

Positive Negative

Shanghai photos

Maglev Train, Shangai Spring Festival, Shangai Grand Canal, Shangai Panmen City Gate, Shangai

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Chinese courses in Shanghai

Mandarin House is an outstanding language school in Shanghai that provides personalized and efficient Mandarin Chinese courses that include the following:

Combination Chinese Course

This course is the same as the Standard 20 course. In addition you will have one private lesson for review and extra practice or learn about any other areas of interest you might have such as business Chinese or Chinese culture and history.

Groups: 12, 1 students
Classes: 25
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Intensive Chinese Course

This course includes six group lesson per day. You will improve the four fundamental bricks of building foundation for the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 30
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Intensive Combination Course

This course is the same as the intensive 30 course. In addition you will have one private lesson for review and extra practice or learn about any other areas of interest you might have such as business Chinese or Chinese culture and history.

Groups: 10, 1 students
Classes: 35
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Standard Chinese Course

This course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese focusing on practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation. The classes are four group lessons a day, which gives you spare time for self-study.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 20
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Learning Chinese in Shanghai

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