Hong Kong is a magnificent city to visit and explore. Plenty of foreign people from different part of the world visit this fascinating city each year in order to know the different cultural and amusing places in the city. In addition, the city includes amazing language schools and universities that attract a lot of foreign students each year. In this fashion, learning Chinese in Hong Kong is nowadays a trendy activity. Definitely, the city has modern and spectacular facilities for foreigners who want to study in the city or to travel around the town.

About the city

This spectacular Chinese town can boast of being one of the most important trade centers, cultural spots and main tourism destinations in the entire Asia. That is why Hong Kong is considered as Asia's world city. Hong Kong, which in Chinese Cantonese means Fragrant Harbor, is a multicultural town with Cantonese, Chinese and British influence. In addition, visitors can enjoy amazing landscapes and stunning outdoor natural spaces in the region.

Once in the city, tourists are going to realize why the city is too modern. Hong Kong people are the most hardworking and visionary people in the world. During rush hours, people run from one place to another trying to reach the public tram, take a taxi or use the Metro. They seem quite busy and hurried. The city also has a large number of shopping malls, small stores, exclusive restaurants and cocktail bars. Without a doubt, Hong Kong is a bustling and hectic city in Asia.

On the other hand, travelers can enjoy some peaceful and tranquil moments by visiting some sacred Taoist temples, and several public parks with Tai Chi practioners where tourists are invited to participate and learn more about this meditation practice, and natural trails. Definitely, Hong Kong is a magical city that has astonishing features.

kowloon Mezquita, Hong Kong Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong includes a large number of amazing activities to do and places to visit. For example we can mention the Victoria Peak where tourists can witness some of the most extraordinary landscapes of the habour, city and the skyline. Getting there is not complicated because there is an affordable and comfortable Peak Tram.

Other important interesting sites to visit in Hong Kong are the Giant Budda, the Hong Kong Museum of History, the Hong Kong cultural center and the Hong Kong Disneyland for Kids. In addition, there are beautiful natural parks such as the Hong Kong Wetland Park, the Mai Po Nature reserve and the Hong Kong National GeoPark.

Customer Service Jobs in Hong Kong

Everyone has their own opinion on how to best present and format an Customer Service resume. In Hong Kong there are no strict rules, but for western companies resumes should typically be kept to 1-2 pages and ideally a single page. Hospitality experience would be of little relevance to a policy institute but well suited for a business development role where customer service and working under pressure are core requirements. There’s also nothing wrong with listing bartending or fast food customer service experience if you think the skill set is relevant to the role.

Why learn Chinese in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has everything to visit and have fun. There are modern amusement parks, spectacular outdoors spaces, stunning skyscrapers, historical museums with plenty to millenary artwork and a delicious Chinese cuisine that travelers can try in several exclusive restaurants. But Hong Kong includes several notable and famous universities and language schools in the entire city where locals and foreigners receive a high quality education. In fact, the Chinese education is one of the most important in the planet. In addition, Hong Kong as one of the modern and trendy cities in Asia offers a large number of facilities for foreign students.

What we Like about Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in Asia. In fact, the city is considered as the principal trade, cultural and touristic centers in China and the rest of the world.



Hong Kong photos

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Chinese courses in Hong Kong

Chinese Language Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This great language center was founded in 1963, and it acquired a representative participation in the academic activities of the University in the year of 1974. This language school provides several Chinese and Cantonese courses with well-instructed teachers. In fact, there are reliable courses such as the Summer Schools Program, Part Time Programs, Full Time Programs and Tailor Made Programs.

Phone: 852 – 3943 6727
E-mail: clc@cuhk.edu.hk

Languages in Action

A language in Action is a reliable web page that offers effective Chinese courses in the city of Hong Kong. There are great courses with affordable prices and specialized native speaking tutors. In addition, there another language courses that foreigners can take such as Spanish, Italian and English just to mention a few. Languages in Action provide students different Chinese course options. For example students have the chance to take a private course, a group course or combine both courses in one (private and group). In addition, there are other important courses like the internships programs and the business courses.

Classes: 8 students Maximum
Class duration: 60 minutes per day
Further information: http://www.languagesinaction.com/learn-chinese/

Honk Kong Language Training Center

Learning Chinese Mandarin in the prestigious Hong Kong Language Training Center will be for sure the best option you can take. There great Chinese courses that are focused on helping you to obtain writing and reading skills. In addition, all the classes are guided by qualified teachers. Conveniently, this learning center is situated at the center of the bustling Wanchai area.

Classes: 7 student's maximum per class
Class duration: 5 hours per day

Hong Kong Language School

This language school includes amazing programs and courses that are focused on three basic skills: We are talking about speaking, listening and writing. For example we can mention the courses for beginners, the courses for expatriates and the courses for advanced students. There are classes from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Each class has a duration of two hours from Monday to Friday.

Further information: nfo@HKLS.com.hk
Phone: 36222558
Address: Tung Chiu Commercial Centre, 193 Lockhart Road

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

The Hong Kong Institute of Languages is one of the best language schools in Hong Kong because it has reliable programs about Mandarin Chinese language and other languages of the world as well. For instance we can mention the courses for business, the courses for adults, the courses for teens and the course for kids Students can attend classes seven days per week.

Further Information: info@hklanguages.com
Phone: 852- 2877 6160
Address: Wellington Plaza 56-58 Street Central Hong Kong

Learning Chinese in Hong Kong

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