Why learn Chinese abroad?

Chinese is one of the world's most ancient and surviving languages in the world. It has more than 1.3 billion speakers, and that is why it is the most spoken language, surpassing the English Language. The Chinese language enjoys an official status in many places like the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore (here the Chinese language is official, but it is not the national language.)

Unlike many people think, the Chinese language is not difficult to learn. Chinese is a tonal language; this means that in order to learn Chinese, you should be able to hear and distinguish the different tones that are used to express a word. If you are planning to study Chinese, it is advisable to learn in a region where it is spoken. It doesn't matter if you have a good teacher who has a great command of the language. If you are not in constant contact with the language itself, your learning will be slower.

Learning Chinese abroad is always a good decision because you will be in constant contact with Chinese native speakers who will help you with your pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. In addition, you will know about the Chinese culture that will make you to understand the Chinese language a little bit better. As we can see, there is a large number of reasons to study Chinese abroad; all you need to have is determination.

How to choose a school

How to learn Chinese?

If you are looking for the best method to learn Chinese language, here you will find useful information about the best way to learn Chinese language.

China is emerging from a period of stagnation and it is again taking its true place as one of the great powers of the world that is why, currently China offers a large number of chinese business opportunities either to find a better job or to study in one of its well-renowned universities. But, what we need to take advantage of these opportunities? Without a doubt, the answer is to learn Chinese language.

As you already realized, learning Chinese language opens many doors and brings many advantages which must be seized. If you really want to take advantages of these opportunities, remember that it is not enough to have a slight knowledge of Chinese language, but you must handle this language. The process of learning Chinese is the same as learning other languages, but always keeping in mind that Chinese is completely different to another language you know and of course it is considered as one of the most difficult to learn.

Best place to learn Chinese?

The first thing to ask ourselves is definitely, where is the best place to learn Chinese? While it is true that there are many specialized institutions offering to teach Chinese with sophisticated methods and the best resources around the world, most times these institutions do not provides a quality education by many reasons such as the absence of native teachers. If you really want to learn Chinese, the most advisable is to learn it in any region where Chinese is spoken as official language; this means that if you have to choose between learning Chinese in Mexico and learning Chinese in China, without thinking twice, you must choose China definitely.

Other important thing to wonder is which is the best method to learn Chinese? Currently, almost all languages schools have its own method to teach Chinese, but how to know which of these is the best? the method is important and also the desire you have to learn this language. However, some useful tips are as follows:
  • If you want to improve your Chinese vocabulary, the most advisable is to read Chinese books about any topic.
  • If you want to improve your listening and pronunciation, it is advisable watching Chinese movies and listening Chinese music.
  • Test your progress periodically. This is advisable because in this way you will realize which aspect you need to improve.
  • Learn more about Chinese culture, like China history and customs; this will help you to understand the Chinese language.
  • If you have some native-speaking friend, you may ask for help.

Remember, if you can learn Chinese in China, do not lose this opportunity! and the most important, learning Chinese only depends on you.

Learn Chinese in China



Learn Chinese, one of the most important languages, in Beijing with highly qualified Chinese teachers.


If you want to learn Chinese language in a place where it is officially spoken, Shanghai is the best place.


Xian offers people a large variety of highly qualified teachers and exceptional schools to learn Chinese.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

If you are planning to learn Chinese language, Hong Kong is certainly one of the best places to do it.

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